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Exileís Stealth GT Twin Turbo System for the í05-í08 Ford Mustang has been designed to deliver smooth, yet aggressive toque and power curves while maintaining the daily driveability of the stock engine. This kit does not require the relocation of accessories, and bolts in place with no cutting or welding necessary. Itís the ultimate street sleeper system! Stealth GT Twin Turbo Systems now available for 2010 and up Mustang GT 5.0!

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Stealth GT Twin Turbo System

SKU #Stealth-GT-Twin_tSystem

The Stealth GT Twin Turbo System was developed for the 05 thru 08 Mustang platform with the intent to facilitate a smooth yet aggressive torque and power curve while maintaining highly desirable drivability characteristics utilizing all factory accessory locations and maintaining all factory connections.

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